20 January 2016

Adventures in All-Grain: Episode 1 - Dual 1-Gallon BIAB

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There are 2 main types of home brewing: extract, and all-grain. To keep things simple, let's just say the former is the "easier" of the two. With all-grain, there are extra steps that have basically been done for you with extract brewing. Sure it's easier, but it limits you in the components you want to use. Either use one of the limited numbers of extracts, or experiment with unlimited different profiles of mixed grains however you see fit.

Some will tell you one way is better than the other, but honestly it is a matter of preference. I have always been drawn to extract because of its simplicity. I don't need complicated 3 vessel setup with an HLT, a mash tun, multiple burners, pumps, etc (though it would be fun to build!) I'm also not good enough to be making 5 gallons or more at a time. Maybe one day...but not now. For now I just want to learn more and small 1-2 gallon batches are perfect for me. 

Then I stumbled upon BIAB. What is it? Well it is when you brew, in a bag. Sounds silly, but after reading and researching it all made sense. With all-grain you need a reservoir of hot water, another vessel to mash in, and another to boil in. BIAB takes that concept and says: 

"Well...you need the boil kettle so we can't ditch that. What if we use that as our only vessel?" 

"Go home BIAB! You're drunk!" said his all-grain friends. "It can't be done!" 

"Hear me out," BIAB says "we'll take this big, fine mesh bag, and line the boil kettle with it, then heat up the water. Then add the grains to that. Mash as usual. and when done, instead of transferring from one pot to another, we just take out the bag of grain! On a basic level...it's kind of the exact same thing!"

Soooo....I attempted my first "all-grain" batches. and with BIAB I was able to do 2, 1 gallon batches at the same time. From the first drop of water to the fermenter, it was a total of 4.5 hours. I'll post individual follow ups about each batch.

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